Actor Tio Pakusadewo Participates in the ‘Support Don’t Punish’ Activity with the Indonesian Positive Women’s Association


JAKARTA-Gatot Subroto, 25/06/2019 – The participation of the Indonesian people in the “Global Action Day of the International Support Don’t Punish Movement” was carried by an activist who pioneered and joined the organization of the Indonesian Positive Women Association.

Carrying the theme of ‘Sharing the Love of Women for Women’, Actor Tio Pakusadewo attended as a speaker who expressed his support to end all forms of discrimination against women who are victims of drug abuse.

The Expression Room program, which was launched on Saturday 22/06/2019 at the Kekini Joint Working Space in Cikini Jakarta, also presenting photography exhibition of women who become victims of stigma and discrimination. The photos talked about experiences through the relationship of images and problems they faced especially with their families, the photo exhibition activity session was held simultaneously.

Activities developed on the basis of a humanitarian approach were attended by more than 200 activists, community members, social service activists and community leaders who actively participated to express their support as a human being to other humans.

Separately confirmed, Belinda Hutapea asserted that the life of the community, nation and state must go back through a process of modification of attitude and mental to remain in accordance with the concept of Pancasila as the basis of the State.

Since the war on drugs Initiation in Indonesia in 1991 under President Suharto’s Government, Indonesia has not finished completing requests for drug use from the black market. Women are the party that is gasped and is forced to endure the fate of being a victim with multiple stigmas as a result of maintaining the existence of the black market.
Considering all the facts,
“I expressly say that the State must be present to defend women more seriously and with a measurable approach within the policy framework.” This woman activist stressed.

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Belinda closed her explanation with a remarkably extraordinary statement,
“The Ministry and all related institution must be able to embrace or at least opening a cooperation with activists and other policy advocates to deal with matters that are very detrimental to the lives of women.” Close this well-known activist.

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